eBay Customer Service​

eBay Customer Service​

eBay Customer Service​

eBay customer service +1- (800) 274-3903 phone number is available 24 hours to the eBay users. The eBay Inc. is a multinational e-commerce corporation located in San Jose, California. It is an online business which provides consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales by providing many facilities through its website. Pierre Omidyar was the founder of eBay and it was found on September 3, 1995. As of 2011, in about 30 countries, eBay was a multi billion-dollar business with their operations. The eBay Inc. manages eBay.com, a shopping website and online auction where anyone (whether a person or a business) can be able to buy and sell a wide variety of goods and services worldwide. It is free to buy a product for the user on the website but the sellers have to pay a charging fee for listing items after a limited number of free listing.

For the help of their customer, they provide many customer keywords to provides good services like eBay customer service.

eBay Customer Service Phone Number

The ebay customer service is a customer helpline service which helps the customers to clear their doubts and queries. The ebay customer service executives are 2487 days available to help their users.

Some free eBay features for better buying and selling.​

Social buttons on listings

A social button on a listing is given at the upper-right side of eBay listing which contains four buttons. The first button is for email a listing to friends, the second button is for share a listing on Facebook. The third button is for a tweet a listing and the fourth button is to pin a listing on Pinterest.

The shopping cart

This is one of the most requested features of eBay. Much long time eBay users have failed to notice or use it because that change finally arrived last year. This feature can make it easier the buying of multiple items on eBay since you can pay for all of them with a single click-through.

eBay Advanced Search

There is an advanced link right of the search box on eBay’s home page. Clicking on that link will enable the searches by location, price range, buying format, number of bids, the currency of sale and much much more. This is a great tool for the savvy buyers who were always looking for great deals.

Products and reviews via the eBay catalog

You can use the “Product and review” tab at the top of the screen which helps you to show your results as a series of products. It is a good idea using product details from our catalog because buyers can see key product information immediately. This feature causes eBay to work much more like Amazon. You can use product details and stock photos, images, videos from our catalog. Product details help you to create listings that are more visible and appealing to buyers.

The eBay wish list

In this feature, eBay provides you a wish where you can gather together a list of things you would like to own. This option is given below at the lower-left side of any page to add the item to your eBay wish list. With the help of this feature, you can be able to view your list and have the opportunity to make it public and to share it with your friends & family.


“Like” “Want” and “Own” are the three buttons that you show at the top of any eBay item listing which helps you to add the items to your current list of favorites. This feature helps you to share your wants with your friends and also to decide that what kind of items you might be interested in seeing more of.

eBay bucks and bill me later

These are the two marketing programs which appear is the same area on every listing. The eBay implemented eBay Bucks program which helps the customers by providing cash back for eBay purchases. Bill Me Later is a PayPal credit, which is a proprietary payment method offered on the websites of many well-known merchants.


If you faced any kind of issue related to our any eBay’s product and services. You can contact us through official website and dialing eBay customer service helpline number to get instant help from experts. To handle or solve any types of issues, eBay programmers provided many customer care helpline services to their users. We are offering customer care and toll-free phone number for different tech brands and services to all over the world.