What is Amazon Prime Membership & its Benefits ?

What is Amazon Prime Membership & its Benefits ?

Amazon Prime Membership

Amazon prime membership is a subscription based membership, where you have to give some amount for the subscription and that prime member can avail benefits of being prime member.

  • Major benefits of prime delivery of products are:
  1. FREE
  3. FAST

Prime eligible items are those items which depicts logo in the product description. Only those items which are marked by these logo are eligible for the special benefits.

Today, 100 million users around world subscribed to Amazon prime membership. Major reason of its exponential increase in the number of user is its major benefits: free shipping and free two day delivery of products.

Amazon prime membership is worth its price!

Amazon Prime Membership Benefits

Many people believe that there are only two or three benefits of Amazon prime membership. It has way more benefit which justify the prime membership subscriptions.

Here are 10 top benefits listed below:

  1. Same Day Shipping

In certain cities prime members can use same day shipping and 1-day free shipping. But prime member can use these benefits under these conditions:

Purchase must be at least $35.

Product or item must be marked same-day eligible.

  1. Prime Photos-Unlimited Storage

Being an amazon member you will get a 5GB of free data storage space on Amazon Drive. In this drive you can save anything ranging from photos, documents, videos, mp3 files and other depending upon what you want to store on the drive.

Prime Photos Program gives unlimited photo storage to the prime members which are added to the Amazon Drive storage space.

These photos must be smaller than 2GB and JPEG, PNG, TIFF, RAW and BMP supported formats.

Prime Membership Entertainment Benefits:

  1. Prime Videos

Amazon Prime Videos is an on-demand subscription based online video streaming platform. It provides television shows and movies ranging from old to modern of different genres.

Amazon Studios has also made various benchmarks by winning 2 Academy Awards naming Best Actor and Best Original Screenplay for the film, Manchester by the Sea.

  1. Prime Music

Amazon left no stones upturned to serve its prime members by adding entertainment value by launching Prime Music.

Over 40 million songs are there on Prime Music and can access by all the Prime Member for free. It offers music without ads and unlimited skips.

  1. Twitch Prime

Twitch is a platform for watching gaming tournaments and other related events which is absolutely free and it has its extended version called twitch turbo.

Amazon Prime comes up with Twitch Prime for their Prime members. Who offer the same benefits as Twitch Turbo but it also offers an additional benefit that every month a few commercial games are made provided free for amazon prime members.

Other Benefits Of Prime Membership:

  1. Prime Pantry

Amazon Prime Pantry allows amazon prime member to order special pantry items. Various items ranging from household essentials and groceries.
In Prime pantry there are two options of pay for prime pantry.One of which is Pantry subscription for a month which costs $4.99 for free shipping on all prime pantry orders starting from $40 or more.Other way is to pay $7.99 for each individual shipment of Prime Pantry products.
Mostly,Prime Pantry delivers its products within 4 business days.

     7. Rental E-Book

The amazon prime members can rental books to read for free from Kindle Owners lending Library. The Prime members can share these eBooks across any devices which is connected to the amazon account.
Amazon provides unlimited access to over more than 999 eBooks. Genres of these could be fiction or non fiction and these books are in kindle format.

  1. Lightning Deals

Lightning Deals are the deals of discounted items on specific items in a certain quantity for a specific time of frame.
One of the perks of being a prime member is to have Prime Early Access which means prime member get half an hour head start on most of the lightning deals.

Extra Benefits of Prime Membership
  1. Sharing Prime Benefits

A prime member can share the benefits of prime membership with four other people. They can use the benefit of free shipment without needing the user Id and password.

But prerequisite is that these four people must live at the same address as of amazon prime account holder.

If you want to invite someone, you should have to know following details of that person:


Date of Birth

E mail

That person needs to know amazon prime account holders Date of Birth.

  1. 1-month Prime Extension

As you know, there are orders on amazon which are mentioned for Guaranteed Accelerated Delivery which assures customer that particular product or amazon item will be arrived until specified date.
If this date exceeds or item could not arrive than customer can contact amazon customer service and claim for one month prime extension for free. There are some conditions which have to be met in order to validate that particular request of extension.

Note: If you are facing any kind of problems in your amazon prime account, contact amazon prime customer service for solutions.