How to get Amazon Prime Refund ?

How to get Amazon Prime Refund ?

Amazon Prime Refund

Amazon Prime Refund : Contact +1- (800) 274-3903 Amazon Refund Phone Number. You can call amazon prime refund phone number and get instant refunds. The Amazon is the customer centric company as always ready to serve their customers. The Amazon Prime designed its customer service department for contact amazon refunds agent.

The Prime Membership offers you various services ranging from free delivery to tracking orders. While using Amazon you may come across the products or items which offer the service of refund. These refunds are not on all the products.

Your product’s amount refund is totally dependent on the following two conditions:

  1. Condition of your product which you want to return.
  2. Condition of How long prime customer has had that item or product.

How you receive the refund is totally depend upon one thing:

  • Which term & How you paid for the item.

Methods of Check Your Refund?

Amazon prime member can easily check the status of your refund. We are sharing some steps on how to check the status of amazon prime refund of any product.

Step 1: Go to “Orders”

Order options are there on the top right upper corner of the web page

Step 2: Click on “View Return/Refund Status”

There are four different options “View Return/Refund Status”, “Ask Product Quotations”, “Write a Product Review”, “Archive Product “on the right of the screen .Select the first option.

A new web page will be open written “Return/Refund Status”. In this section item related information is mentioned like “Sold by” “Shipped”.

If the items need to be returned an e-mail is to send the same e-mail address as mentioned on the account.

If you don’t see any of the e-mail from amazon.

Check spam or promotional e-mail of your Gmail account.

You can visit amazon site for further information:

How Refunds are issued?

When customer needs to refund an item or product then that customer have to choose the preferred mode of refund. A customer can choose its refund method in the Online Returns Center section.

If a customer receives a refund after amazon receives your item back. After that it takes Amazon 4-5 business days to process customer’s item return and refund issue.

We are providing you some information that if a customer have had paid though different payment methods than how that customer could refund through different methods. And in respective to this refund method what time it takes to refund is shown below:

Payment MethodRefund MethodRefund Method
Credit CardCredit Card3-5 business days
Credit Card   Gift CardImmediate
Debit CardDebit  CardUp to 10 business days
Checking AccountChecking AccountUp to 10 business days Gift CardGift Card BalanceImmediate
Promotional CertificateNo Refund IssuedN/A
Credit Card & Gift CardsGift Card Balance or bothReference times above for details.
Pre-paid Credit CardsPre-paid Credit CardsRefund time depends on the issuer, and can take up to 30 days
Shop with Points Reward PointsReward Point BalanceUp to 5 business days

If the customer have had paid for the item using the Amazon Currency converter, the refund will be done in the local currency of that customer’s country.

Talking about gift cards, if you want to know about how the refund is done if payment is done using gift cards, click on below link: