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How to get Amazon Prime Refund ?

How to get Amazon Prime Refund ?

Amazon Prime Refund

Amazon Prime Refund : Contact +1-877-717-8111 Amazon Refund Phone Number. You can call amazon prime refund phone number and get instant refunds. The Amazon is the customer centric company as always ready to serve their customers. The Amazon Prime designed its customer service department for contact amazon refunds agent.

The Prime Membership offers you various services ranging from free delivery to tracking orders. While using Amazon you may come across the products or items which offer the service of refund. These refunds are not on all the products.

Your product’s amount refund is totally dependent on the following two conditions:

  1. Condition of your product which you want to return.
  2. Condition of How long prime customer has had that item or product.

How you receive the refund is totally depend upon one thing:

  • Which term & How you paid for the item.

Methods of Check Your Refund?

Amazon prime member can easily check the status of your refund. We are sharing some steps on how to check the status of amazon prime refund of any product.

Step 1: Go to “Orders”

Order options are there on the top right upper corner of the web page

Step 2: Click on “View Return/Refund Status”

There are four different options “View Return/Refund Status”, “Ask Product Quotations”, “Write a Product Review”, “Archive Product “on the right of the screen .Select the first option.

A new web page will be open written “Return/Refund Status”. In this section item related information is mentioned like “Sold by” “Shipped”.

If the items need to be returned an e-mail is to send the same e-mail address as mentioned on the account.

If you don’t see any of the e-mail from amazon.

Check spam or promotional e-mail of your Gmail account.

You can visit amazon site for further information:

How Refunds are issued?

When customer needs to refund an item or product then that customer have to choose the preferred mode of refund. A customer can choose its refund method in the Online Returns Center section.

If a customer receives a refund after amazon receives your item back. After that it takes Amazon 4-5 business days to process customer’s item return and refund issue.

We are providing you some information that if a customer have had paid though different payment methods than how that customer could refund through different methods. And in respective to this refund method what time it takes to refund is shown below:

Payment MethodRefund MethodRefund Method
Credit CardCredit Card3-5 business days
Credit Card   Gift CardImmediate
Debit CardDebit  CardUp to 10 business days
Checking AccountChecking AccountUp to 10 business days Gift CardGift Card BalanceImmediate
Promotional CertificateNo Refund IssuedN/A
Credit Card & Gift CardsGift Card Balance or bothReference times above for details.
Pre-paid Credit CardsPre-paid Credit CardsRefund time depends on the issuer, and can take up to 30 days
Shop with Points Reward PointsReward Point BalanceUp to 5 business days

If the customer have had paid for the item using the Amazon Currency converter, the refund will be done in the local currency of that customer’s country.

Talking about gift cards, if you want to know about how the refund is done if payment is done using gift cards, click on below link:

How to Cancel Amazon Prime Membership ?

How to Cancel Amazon Prime Membership ?

How to Cancel Amazon Prime Membership ?

Cancel Amazon Prime Membership: If you get full of prime deals and looking forward to canceling the prime membership, you are reading the right article. Amazon has made it easy for the customer to cancel the amazon prime membership. Even you will get a refund depending on how many services you have had used. If you didn’t use any of the services you may get a full price refund. You can call directly on amazon prime cancel phone number and get instant solutions & refunds.

There is some condition that should be meet in order to get a full amazon refunds for cancellation of amazon prime membership:

• If you cancel amazon prime membership during your 30-day trial, you won’t be charged.

One important point to note is that you can get a free trial only once for the same account. If you try to subscribe to the prime membership from the same account, there is no free trial, and you will be credited for the membership right away.

We are going to guide you step by step how to cancel the amazon prime membership and end the service for the same.

2 Ways to End Prime Membership

Amazon Help Page

It is the quickest way to the over the amazon prime membership.
Visit the Amazon Prime official account help page. Select the “End Membership” button.

First of all, you need to login into the amazon prime account and follow the following procedure:

Steps 1: There is a title which is there to make you rethink and aims to eliminate the idea of termination of the membership from your mind. There are three buttons.

Step 2: From those three options click on “Continue to Cancel”.After that, click on “End On” button. A small message will appear which is the confirmation of your cancellation of the Amazon Prime Membership.

Amazon Account Setting Page

Step 1: Simply visit the Amazon official website and login into your respective Amazon prime account. Use the same account to login which you want to cancel.

Step 2: Hover over the “Accounts and Lists” option in the upper-right corner, which will depict a drop-down list with the number of options.

Click on “Your Prime Membership” from the given option.

Step 3: It will take you to the Prime Membership page, where a number of prime benefits are mentioned. Check with the number of benefits of amazon prime membership which you are going to lose.

Once you make up your mind to end the amazon prime membership, your prime membership account information will be depicted on the right side of the screen.

Underneath, you will able to see the option “End Membership and Benefits”.

Click on this option, you will be redirected to the page that initiates the cancellation process.

Step 4: A new web page will be open on which there is information about the benefits, that your prime benefits and services related to products will be ended up with the cancellation of prime membership.

Amazon Prime Cancellation

If your amazon prime account is connected with other services of Amazon, such as Amazon Twitch, then you will be going to lose them also.

As we know, Amazon tries hard to keep its customer stay connected with them, but if you already made a decision to cancel the amazon prime membership.

In that case, you have a couple of options to end it:

• If you want to end your prime membership at the end of your billing period. Click on “Remind me Later”.
• If you wish to over the prime membership immediately. Click on “End My Benefits”. You will be refunded for the period of subscription, you haven’t used.

The amount of amazon refunds is totally dependent on the time left and use of the service.

You will definitely get a bigger refund you barely used these services and prepaid the amount of prime membership.

But, you will get a small refund if you close your account closer to the date of the renewal.
By clicking on “Keep My Benefits”, cancellation process get stops and you will be returned to the prime account web page.

Apple Customer Service Phone Number

Apple Customer Service Phone Number

Apple Customer Service Phone Number

Apple customer service phone number is available to all apple users 24/7. Call on 000 800 1009 009 to have a discussion on your specific problem.

Apple Customer Service Phone Number
000 800 1009 009

As we all know, Apple does not need any introduction. Apple is considered as one of the Big Four of technology along with Google, Facebook, and Amazon. Apple develops, designs and offers electronics, software and various online services.

Apple has made different hardware products:

  • iPhone (smartphone)
  • iPad (tablet computer)
  • iPod (portable media player)
  • Apple Watch (smartwatch)
  • Apple TV (digital media player)
  • Home Pod (smart speaker)
  • macOS (operating system)
  • iOS (operating system)
  • iTunes (media player)
  • Safari (web browser)
  • iLife and iWork (creativity and productive suites)
  • Some professional links are:
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Xcode
  • Logic Pro

Apple Customer Service

Apple has its dedicated team of customer service which handles all the queries of an Apple customer. They are technically sound and know every answer to your question.

When you make a call a to apple customer service, they give you a serial number. Actually, they list your name by that serial number and after getting that number you have to wait for your turn.

When your turn comes your call will be redirected to apple customer service department. You can discuss your respective problem with that apple expert. After calling them, you will surely get the appropriate solution to your issue.

Often, the customer may face the issue while dealing with Apple products, online services or software.

Issues related to Apple Products

  • An issue with the iOS platform
  • How to change Apple Id and Passwords
  • Queries related to App Store
  • How to delete Apple Id
  • How to pair your Apple watch with an iPhone
  • How to reset Apple Id
  • How to use Apple Watch
  • How to enable repeat mode in apple music
  • How to become Apple product tester
  • How to check an iPhone warranty
  • How to use spotlight search in iOS 9
  • How to make calls with the apple watch
  • How to use wallet on an iPhone
  • How to connect your iPhone to your TV
  • How to transfer files from iPhone to iPhone
  • How to use Airdrop
  • How to use CarPlay
  • How to send email on an iPhone
  • How to set ringtones on an iPhone
  • How to see a list of apps on an Apple Watch
  • How to enable Face-time on an iPhone
  • How to Carrier Unlock an iPhone
  • How to add music to the Apple Music App.

If your issue is related to aforesaid queries than you may connect to Apple Customer Service Phone Number. There may be an automated voice response when you make a call to collect your contact information.On the basis of your information, they will connect with you in the near future.

Don’t hesitate to call on Apple customer service number if your issue is not as same as above mentioned queries but it is related to Apple.
Note, be patient when waiting for an apple customer representative to call you, it may take some time.
Because there are many more Apple customers waiting and engaged in discussing their problem with Apple representative simultaneously.

How to Contact Amazon Echo Customer Service ?

How to Contact Amazon Echo Customer Service ?

Contact Amazon Echo Customer service

Contact Amazon Echo Customer service is always available to help its registered customers in more than 16 languages across the globe. The Amazon Echo Customer Service centers are situated on 130 locations worldwide.

When we look at the Amazon Echo, it will look like as a normal speaker but which have an exclusive feature with Bluetooth/WiFi which can be used to listen to music and get your work done on your voice commands but the main difference between normal and Amazon Alexa speaker is it’s powered by Echo Customer Service.

Echo Customer Service is very powerful home assistant which carefully listens to your voice messages and is capable to perform a wide range of various functions especially for you like to play music, to make calls, to interact with third-party apps, can also be used to send and receive messages, listen to news, get updated lives ports scores, know accurate weather condition of your nearby areas, and more as much as possible.

You have to do just simply ask Amazon Echo Customer Phone Number Service to perform your desired work and Amazon Echo Customer Service Phone Number will perform its commanded work in an efficient way.

All the Echo Customer Service executes are mainly focused on resolving your issues regarding Amazon Echo issues of all the users. At Echo Customer Service we provide self-service techniques, building and managing or contact Echo customer care phone number products, to interact with Customers directly.

Echo Customer Service is in demand as all Amazon Echo Customer executive are well skilled to solve all the problems of its customer. We at how to contact Amazon Echo Customer Service provide best customer care services. While listening to Customer’s problem and solving main issues in order to build world-class Amazon Echo Customer Service to every Customer.

How to contact Amazon Echo Customer service

Contact to Echo Customer Service with the available toll-free number of Amazon Customer service on amazon web site. There are 2 more options also available to contact Echo Customer Service with the email support or phone call support and we at Echo Customer Service assure that you’re all the issues and problems will be solved and you will absolutely get 100% customer satisfaction.

you know how to contact Echo Customer Service also uses history of past voice recordings that the registered user has sent to the Amazon Echo cloud service in order to improve the response of  Echo Customer Service in coming future.

Methods to contact Amazon echo

There are many methods available through which you can contact Amazon echo customer service in the USA, even after that your issues are not resolved with the option given out there; you are also allowed contacting Amazon Echo Customer Service by any of the methods given below:

  • Email: The best and easiest method to contact Amazon Echo Customer Service is to email them; with a chase range and also the ability to jot down back. You will get a written answer to the matter Amazon Echo Customer Service phone number.
  • Toll-Free Number: If you are not nearby your personal computer, it would be best suited to contact Echo Customer Service by calling. Amazon Echo Customer Service on their given number, selecting the suitable solutions for your issue.
  • Live Chat: Here’s another best method among all 3 methods available to solve your Amazon Echo products related problem. This is by doing live chat online with an echo customer service executive, working to resolve the difficulty by Amazon.

Amazon Echo Customer Service

Their no problem if you are asking Amazon Echo Customer Service for replacement or refund for a satisfactory reason; it will be refunded after getting full information related to your problem. Our Amazon Customer Service number executives provide best-valued customer support to its entire registered Amazon Echo customer. Be patient we will surely do our best to solve your problem within the given time frame.

Amazon Echo Customer Service also asks Customer for feedback with leaving your comments on our website related your problem status.

Always Feel free to contact us, we are available 24/7 to get your problem solved, either they are small or big.

Amazon Echo is one of the most capable and powerful voice companions available in the market.

Amazon Echo Customer service is a brand of well renowned Amazon echo website. Which provides very stylish and smart audio speakers. Which are even capable of doing much smarter work efficiently than any of the common speakers.

Echo Customer service is very amazing devices which connect to the most intelligent voice-controlled personal assistant of the world. The service built by the world second largest e-commerce company Amazon and is known as Amazon Alexa.

Why Contact Amazon Echo Customer service ?

Contact Amazon Echo Customer service is no double the best customer services providing company under the Which can surely solve your all problems within a few minutes contact Amazon customer service. Which perform various useful task used on an everyday basis like the streaming podcasts, playing music, making to-do lists, setting alarms, and providing outside weather conditions, playing audio books, voice interaction, traffic and all other useful info useful in day to day life.

You can contact Amazon Echo Customer Service which is surely going to make your life too amazing and smart. Fell the super luxurious extraordinary life with Amazon Customer service.

Amazon echo can help you to do perform various tasks given below:

  • Controlling household appliances

It allows you to control all your household appliances within seconds in a simpler manner and making your life amazing. Amazon Echo can be connected to your ceiling fans, lights, air conditioner. It allows you to on or off your tube lights, air conditioner and control ceiling fans speeds.

  • Smart door locks

It also protects your hard earned money from being get stolen by thefts. It can be connected to your home and make your homes smart door locks, with the help of Customer service. Amazon Echo special voice recognition feature can help you to control your smart home doors.

Amazon Echo Customer service has outstanding voice recognition feature embedded in it. After that you are only supposed to shout at Amazon echo from outside to unlock your doors.  Amazon Echo Customer service can support even from few feet away also.

How to Contact Amazon Customer Service ?

How to Contact Amazon Customer Service ?

Contact Amazon Customer Service

Contact Amazon : There are different modes to contacting amazon customer service. If a customer have some query related to the product or having an issue related to the product then customer can fill the form of amazon customer service by visiting the amazon website. In that form there is an option of scheduling phone calls with a representative of amazon. A customer can use this telephonic conversation with the representative to discuss the complex problems or serious issues. You can call amazon customer service anytime or anywhere and getting instant solutions.

To have a direct conversation with the representative of amazon call on +1-877-717-8111. A customer should get a pretty fine solution of their respective problem or issue related to order tracking, damaged product,late delivery and many more.

Here are some several ways to contact Amazon & connect with Amazon Customer Service

*Directly Call Amazon via telephonic line

It is a general customer service line for all amazon product related issues. Directly call on 118882804331 to have detailed discussion on the specific issue with representative of amazon. This is one of the easiest,general and clearer way to connect one to one with amazon’s representative.

Sometimes,there are interactive voice responses when contacting amazon directly. These are the automated responses to customer which generally seek your name and contact details.

The main aim of automated voices is to give customer a specific time frame in which a customer have a issue related discussion with the representative

*Send Email to customer service

In this way to connect with them a customer need to be a little patient.Compose an email mentioning all the basic and necessary details like customer name,product name,product type and contact details. This information is necessary in order to track customer’s account and their product.

Be patient while waiting for a response because it takes 24-48 hrs or 1-2 days for amazon customer service team to read and respond to that particular e-mail.

Generally,they respond you as quickly as possible.

*Send message to amazon through their social handles like twitter or Facebook

Use this method for mentioning small issue to customer service team. These issue could be of trouble in shipment of items or problems in purchasing particular items.

Directly visit their official page on Facebook or twitter. Directly compose a message addressing the issue without over complexion it. Also you could leave a comment on their post to get noticed.

Generally, they respond once you mentioned your issue. They will appreciate if you will sound soft and polite in your words which is a good impressions for others who will read your comment.

Directly filling the amazon’s forum by visiting amazon’s “Contact Us” page , Click on the link

By clicking this link, it will open official amazon’s contact web page which will redirect you to the forum if you logged in already. Otherwise you have to enter the mail id and respective password to log in amazon customer account.

You can also message them directly mentioning the niche problem related to your product. Only you need address your issue in the text box and hit on the chat button. You will be serve by the amazon representative on chat shortly
Normally. It is used for the problems like web browser configuration settings areas, where you could not make a call directly.

What is Amazon Prime Membership & its Benefits ?

What is Amazon Prime Membership & its Benefits ?

Amazon Prime Membership

Amazon prime membership is a subscription based membership, where you have to give some amount for the subscription and that prime member can avail benefits of being prime member.

  • Major benefits of prime delivery of products are:
  1. FREE
  3. FAST

Prime eligible items are those items which depicts logo in the product description. Only those items which are marked by these logo are eligible for the special benefits.

Today, 100 million users around world subscribed to Amazon prime membership. Major reason of its exponential increase in the number of user is its major benefits: free shipping and free two day delivery of products.

Amazon prime membership is worth its price!

Amazon Prime Membership Benefits

Many people believe that there are only two or three benefits of Amazon prime membership. It has way more benefit which justify the prime membership subscriptions.

Here are 10 top benefits listed below:

  1. Same Day Shipping

In certain cities prime members can use same day shipping and 1-day free shipping. But prime member can use these benefits under these conditions:

Purchase must be at least $35.

Product or item must be marked same-day eligible.

  1. Prime Photos-Unlimited Storage

Being an amazon member you will get a 5GB of free data storage space on Amazon Drive. In this drive you can save anything ranging from photos, documents, videos, mp3 files and other depending upon what you want to store on the drive.

Prime Photos Program gives unlimited photo storage to the prime members which are added to the Amazon Drive storage space.

These photos must be smaller than 2GB and JPEG, PNG, TIFF, RAW and BMP supported formats.

Prime Membership Entertainment Benefits:

  1. Prime Videos

Amazon Prime Videos is an on-demand subscription based online video streaming platform. It provides television shows and movies ranging from old to modern of different genres.

Amazon Studios has also made various benchmarks by winning 2 Academy Awards naming Best Actor and Best Original Screenplay for the film, Manchester by the Sea.

  1. Prime Music

Amazon left no stones upturned to serve its prime members by adding entertainment value by launching Prime Music.

Over 40 million songs are there on Prime Music and can access by all the Prime Member for free. It offers music without ads and unlimited skips.

  1. Twitch Prime

Twitch is a platform for watching gaming tournaments and other related events which is absolutely free and it has its extended version called twitch turbo.

Amazon Prime comes up with Twitch Prime for their Prime members. Who offer the same benefits as Twitch Turbo but it also offers an additional benefit that every month a few commercial games are made provided free for amazon prime members.

Other Benefits Of Prime Membership:

  1. Prime Pantry

Amazon Prime Pantry allows amazon prime member to order special pantry items. Various items ranging from household essentials and groceries.
In Prime pantry there are two options of pay for prime pantry.One of which is Pantry subscription for a month which costs $4.99 for free shipping on all prime pantry orders starting from $40 or more.Other way is to pay $7.99 for each individual shipment of Prime Pantry products.
Mostly,Prime Pantry delivers its products within 4 business days.

     7. Rental E-Book

The amazon prime members can rental books to read for free from Kindle Owners lending Library. The Prime members can share these eBooks across any devices which is connected to the amazon account.
Amazon provides unlimited access to over more than 999 eBooks. Genres of these could be fiction or non fiction and these books are in kindle format.

  1. Lightning Deals

Lightning Deals are the deals of discounted items on specific items in a certain quantity for a specific time of frame.
One of the perks of being a prime member is to have Prime Early Access which means prime member get half an hour head start on most of the lightning deals.

Extra Benefits of Prime Membership
  1. Sharing Prime Benefits

A prime member can share the benefits of prime membership with four other people. They can use the benefit of free shipment without needing the user Id and password.

But prerequisite is that these four people must live at the same address as of amazon prime account holder.

If you want to invite someone, you should have to know following details of that person:


Date of Birth

E mail

That person needs to know amazon prime account holders Date of Birth.

  1. 1-month Prime Extension

As you know, there are orders on amazon which are mentioned for Guaranteed Accelerated Delivery which assures customer that particular product or amazon item will be arrived until specified date.
If this date exceeds or item could not arrive than customer can contact amazon customer service and claim for one month prime extension for free. There are some conditions which have to be met in order to validate that particular request of extension.

Note: If you are facing any kind of problems in your amazon prime account, contact amazon prime customer service for solutions.

What is Amazon Echo Customer Service Phone Number?

What is Amazon Echo Customer Service Phone Number?

Amazon Echo Customer Service Phone Number

Amazon Echo customer service phone number is a way to connect customer support helpline service. Which helps the users to contact amazon echo by phone. The customer care executives are handling all issues of echo’s product and services. Amazon Echo customer service helps the users to solve their issues and problems. You can contact amazon echo customer service by phone for instant help from customer care team.

A user can also be able to give and take advice’s regarding amazon echo products. With the help of well qualified and experienced customer care executives, they provide 24*7 days service facilities to satisfy their users. Amazon also provides many customers helpline services to solve the problems and queries of their users, like Echo customer services for their Echo products. The motive of Amazon Echo customer service’s executives is to provide best services and the satisfaction of their users.

What is Echo?

Echo is a brand of smart speakers, manufactured and implemented by the Amazon Inc. for their users to provide them world’s best top class echo products. This brand was introduced on November 6, 2014 in United State. Several Smart devices acting as a home automation hub can be control by it. This device has the capability of voice interaction, making to-do list, streaming podcasts, music playback, playing audio books, setting alarms and providing weather, traffic and other real-time information.

Features of Echo:-

  • Overview of Operations
  • Available Services
  • Voice System
  • Software Updates

Variants of Echo

  • Echo
  • Echo Dot
  • Amazon Tap
  • Echo Look
  • The Echo Show
  • Echo Spot
  • Echo Plus
  • Accessories

How to Contact Amazon Echo Customer Service:-

The easiest way to contact amazon echo customer service department is by using their toll-free number. If you need the personal touch, feel free to call and speak to a representative. If you want a more efficient way to solve your problems. You can get complete and detailed instruction on our official website

We are providing echo customer services in 36 countries like United State, United Kingdom, Austria, Australia, Colombia, Germany, Greece, Japan, Hungry, India, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, and Sweden, etc.

Why Do You Contact Echo Customer Service?

  • Providing 24*7 days services
  • Fully Responsible
  • Providing Complete and detailed information to the users
  • Well qualified and experienced executives to handle users
  • Complete satisfaction of users
  • Keep your privacy safe
  • To get New schemes and offers
Circumstances you can use the services of Echo Customer Service:-
  • To order online echo products
  • To give advice related to the echo products
  • In the case of Default programming
  • The problem of Setup
  • In the case of Connectivity problem
  • The case of Damaged product delivery
  • In the case of exchange of product
  • In the case of Refund
Detailed instruction for contacting Amazon Echo using the guided Customer service process
  • Sign in to Amazon by searching in your web browser
  • Click on help option in the right side at the bottom of the page
  • Click on Contact Amazon
  • Explain your problem, and choose a method to send your issue report
  • If you selected email, Enter additional information and send an email
  • Have amazon Echo call you, If you selected phone
  • If you selected chat, Begin your chat with the representative
What is the best Amazon Customer Service Number ?

What is the best Amazon Customer Service Number ?

Amazon Customer Service Number

Amazon customer service number is available 24 hours for amazon users. The best way to find Amazon Customer Service Number is to open search engine and type the keyword Amazon Customer Service Number on Google and Bing. Amazon Customer Service mission is to resolve all issues of prime membership customers. Amazon Inc is one of the most consumer-based company. The Amazon Prime Contact team is a key part of that mission. The Amazon Support team has a quite clear purpose –to solve problems and satisfy our consumer’s faith. Contact Amazon customer service by phone to get resolve any kind of problems related with your account and products.

Amazon supports consumers in more than 16 languages worldwide and centers are located 130 locations around the globe. Its providing self-service techniques, strengthening and managing Amazon products, to interact directly with consumers. The Amazon techniques and product teams strengthen globally CRM systems and innovative self-service solutions.

The support team is always focused on inventing to raise the percentage on consumer experience. Amazon Customer Support plays a demanding role while listening to consumer’s problem and solving their pain points to enable Amazon to deliver world-class solutionsto every consumer.

Amazon Prime Customer Service

The Amazon Prime Customer Service is handling more errors and problems of consumers and providing them instant solutions. The Customer Service of Amazon Prime playing a major role in the grocery retail sector moving toward satisfying consumer needs.

The Amazon prime customer service team always tries to help customers to solve their problem immediately, and also tries to make consumer feel comfortable. The Amazon Prime Membership team members handle all their complaints with velvety muff. Amazon prime membership contact team listen to the matter at hand they striving to understand the character of the problem.

Contact Amazon

There are several ways by which you can contact Amazon. If your problems are not solved with the buttons out there, you can also Contact Amazon by methods given below:

  • Email: You will get a written answer to the matter, with a chase range and also the ability to jot down back by Amazon.
  • Phone: Amazon prime customer service calls you, selecting the suitable department for your issue.
  • Chat: You will live chat online with a specialist, operating to resolve the difficulty by Amazon Customer Care Executives.

If you need to know the decision multiple times, get the name of the operator of Executives.

If you purchase any services or product from Amazon and you feel that product quality is not in good condition or not working as it should work as per your thinking or have some other issues in that concerned  product or service, your that product can be replaced or returned back to Amazon.

Amazon Help Centers

Amazon has separate customer service centers at United States, UK, France, Canada, Spain, Germany, Holland, Italy, Japan, Australia, Brazil, India, China, and Mexico.

You can also contact to Amazon by phone through toll free number of Amazon customer care. And tell your problem to theexecutive from which they are going through and will help you about the problem. Their no issue if you are requesting for replacement or refund for a satisfactory reason.

The Amazon Prime customer service always tries to provide desired information to consumer about their product related issues. Consumer can also review the Amazon customer service phone number site and share their experience to others by leaving comments.

How to find Echo Customer Service Number?

How to find Echo Customer Service Number?

Echo Customer Service Number

Echo customer service number is an online service, Provide by Amazon to their customers and Amazon users. Amazon Echo is a brand of smart speakers’ capable of doing much smarter work than other speakers available in the market, developed by An echo customer service number is an online helpline phone number of Echo executives. This amazing device connects to the voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant service known as Alexa.

Alexa can surely do a various task such as streaming podcasts, playing audiobooks, voice interaction, music playback, making to-do lists, setting alarms, and providing weather, traffic, and other real-time necessary information. Amazon Alexa is one of the most capable voice assistants on the market.

Overview of operation

In the default mode, the device listens to all speech made nearby Alexa, monitoring for the wake word “Alexa” to be spoken.

Echo devices basically need a wireless Internet connection in order to work and the smart speakers perform well with a ‘good’ Internet connection.

Echo also uses past voice recordings that the user has sent to the cloud service in order to improve the response in future.

Choosing a home assistant is a task for your smart home since it’s an expensive adventure with long-term investment in nature. Surely, one would like to go with the best one but how will you decide which is the best among all the three available in the market i.e. Amazon echo, Google home and apple Home Pod.

In appearance, Amazon Echo will seem just like a normal speaker with Bluetooth/Wi-Fi which can stream music for you but the key difference is it’s powered by Alexa.

Alexa is an AI-powered home assistant which takes your voice command and perform a range of functions for you like playing music, making calls, interacting with third-party apps, sending and receiving messages, news, sports scores, weather, and more—instantly. All one has to do is simply ask.

Echo Review – Key Highlights

Far-field voice recognition: Echo is capable to hear you out even while music is being played owing to its inbuilt seven microphones and beamforming technology, thus providing you unique experience.

Audio is Omni-directional: Echo is an expertly tuned speaker which has the ability to immerse the room with 360° immersive sound, due to its Omni-directional audio speakers.

Voice-based Command: Echo works with voice commands i.e. Echo can be used or activated by just saying its wake up the word “Alexa”.

Controlling smart home gadgets: Amazon Echo has also the ability to make home automation, i.e. control smart home gadgets like lights, locks thermostats, sprinklers, locks, garage doors, and more with compatible connected devices from, Philips Hue, Sony, Samsung Smart Things, and others

A Music Streaming Device: Echo is capable  to play your favorite songs from streaming services like Amazon Music, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Spotify, TuneIn, etc. and one just has to say its wake up words ‘Alexa’ play the music

Alexa can call and message for you: Alexa calling and messaging feature allows users to call or message anyone by using its wake up words.

Personal organizer: Alexa can also act as your personal organizer and can add items to your to-do list as well as a shopping list.

Few other things Alexa can do for you: Amazon echo is just an amazing device. Reading newspaper, traffic updates, news updates along with weather and traffic updates, local business information, etc.

Echo Review – Pros

Elegant & Beautiful Design: Echo has a very neat design with speaker grill in the lower half.  Its Look is very much beautiful.

Expanding Skills Marketplace: Skills have grown tremendously over the last two years and the list keeps on growing with more and more businesses launching their skills to connect through Alexa with you. Thus, a growing list of built-in capabilities and third-party skills means that your Alexa device keeps improving the longer you own it.

Voice-recognition: Its voice-recognition technology of Amazon Alexa is the best among all the home assistants available in the market. Further, it improves as we use it over time due to its ability to personalize as per one’s voice.

Echo Review – Cons

Inferior Sound quality: The sound qualities of the speakers are inferior in comparison to speakers at a similar price. Remember, the Echo is not a pure sound system. Its role is more of voice-enabled home assistant with the ability to provide decent sound quality which it does

Lacks Music Streaming Range: Limited choice of music streaming services is a big drawback. But remember you are not buying a streaming device rather a home assistant with music streaming ability.

Inability to Simultaneously Perform Multiple Commands: Alexa has the limitation of taking one command at a time. Thus, one just can’t give multiple commands in a single sentence. Like, Alexa switches on the lights and play music. This is a bit of drag but I am hopeful Amazon will address it in the near future. Also, it’s not only Echo no other home assistant can take multiple commands. So, not a real reason to not buy the Echo.

Four capabilities Echo should have but it still doesn’t have these capabilities

  • Echo can’t be used to command other Echo or Fire TV devices remotely. Like you ask Echo in the bedroom to play music on Echo in the hall or adjacent room.
  • Lacks the ability to function simultaneously with multiple echoes’s in a room or across rooms for multiroom audio playing
  • Echo can’t give you notifications or reminders for everything. Currently echo can give only timers or alarms as well as there are no skills/apps available to address this. Further, you can’t customize the music/sound of alarms/ reminders and can only use default sounds available on the Echo.
  • Thinking of placing your customize trigger word for Echo, you can’t do it. Echo becomes active only when it hears one of the three words only i.e. Alexa, Amazon, and Echo.
Walmart Customer Service ​

Walmart Customer Service ​

Walmart Customer Service ​

Walmart customer service is available to all Walmart users, who facing any-kind of problems or issues. The Walmart Inc. is a multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of grocery stores, department stores, and hypermarkets. This Corporation was found in late 1962 by Sam Walton and incorporated on 31 October 1969. Bentonville, Arkansas in the U.S is the head-quarter of Walmart which also operates Sam’s Club retail warehouses. According to the report of January 31, 2018, Walmart has 11,781 stores and clubs in over 28 countries. According to the Fortune Global 500 list in 2016, it is the world’s largest company by revenue and largest private employer.

During 1945-1969, Walmart experienced many Achievements during their journey and failure as well. Investments outside North America have seen mixed results like its ventures in Germany and South Korea failed whereas its operations in the United Kingdom, South America, and China are highly successful. For the help of their customer, they provide many service keywords like Walmart customer service.

Walmart Customer Service Phone Number

The Walmart customer service phone number is a helpline service provided by the Walmart inc. to help their user and to solve their problem. Walmart customer service executives are 24/7 days available to help their user.

Many large retail and grocery chains, offers stores brand which is also called generic brands or house brands because they are lower-priced alternatives to name brand products. To operate an entire factory, the production volume for Walmart is enough but many products offered are private label products under Walmart brands.

Walmart operations are organized into four divisions:-

  • The Walmart U.S.
  • Walmart International.
  • The Sam’s Club .
  • Global E-Commerce.

 Walmart U.S:-

It is the largest division of Walmart inc. Super centers, Discount Stores, Neighborhood markets are the three main retail formats that have become commonplace in the United State. The discount stores mostly sell a variety of non-grocery products, though emphasis has now shifted towards super centers. There are a total of 4,761 Walmart U.S.A stores as of January 31, 2018. Greg Foran is the president and CEO of Walmart U.S.

Walmart International

Walmart international operations include 6360 stores and 800,000 workers in over 26 countries outside the United States. The Walmart Inc. is the largest private employer in the U.S. and Mexico, and One of the largest in Canada with over 2.2 million employees worldwide. The division sale of Walmart international was US$123.408 billion, or 25.8 percent of total sale in Fiscal 2016.

Sam’s Club

It is also known as Sam’s West, Inc. is an American chain of warehouse clubs that sell groceries and general merchandise and is operated by the Walmart. It is a chain of membership-only retail warehouse clubs. It was founded in 1983 by the Sam Walton. As of January 31, 2018, it operates 597 membership warehouse clubs in 44 U.S. states. Due to the Case for the District of Columbia, Oregon, Rhode Island, Washington, Alaska, Vermont, and Massachusetts are the only state where Sam’s Club does not operate.

Global E-Commerce

In this division of Walmart, Global e-commerce provides online retailing for Walmart, Asda, Sam’s Club and all other international brands. Global e-commerce is a division of Walmart which helps to spread their branches all over the world. According to the experts, Wal-Mart’s acquisition of Moose jaw is the latest in a series of recent moves that illustrate the retail giant’s lack of a coherent e-commerce strategy. Marc Lore is the president and CEO of Global E-Commerce Division.