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How to Contact Amazon Customer Service ?

How to Contact Amazon Customer Service ?

Contact Amazon Customer Service

Contact Amazon : There are different modes to contacting amazon customer service. If a customer have some query related to the product or having an issue related to the product then customer can fill the form of amazon customer service by visiting the amazon website. In that form there is an option of scheduling phone calls with a representative of amazon. A customer can use this telephonic conversation with the representative to discuss the complex problems or serious issues. You can call amazon customer service anytime or anywhere and getting instant solutions.

To have a direct conversation with the representative of amazon call on+1-(877)-478-0777. A customer should get a pretty fine solution of their respective problem or issue related to order tracking, damaged product,late delivery and many more.

Here are some several ways to contact Amazon & connect with Amazon Customer Service

*Directly Call Amazon via telephonic line

It is a general customer service line for all amazon product related issues. Directly call on+1-(877)-478-0777 to have detailed discussion on the specific issue with representative of amazon. This is one of the easiest,general and clearer way to connect one to one with amazon’s representative.

Sometimes,there are interactive voice responses when contacting amazon directly. These are the automated responses to customer which generally seek your name and contact details.

The main aim of automated voices is to give customer a specific time frame in which a customer have a issue related discussion with the representative

*Send Email to customer service

In this way to connect with them a customer need to be a little patient.Compose an email mentioning all the basic and necessary details like customer name,product name,product type and contact details. This information is necessary in order to track customer’s account and their product.

Be patient while waiting for a response because it takes 24-48 hrs or 1-2 days for amazon customer service team to read and respond to that particular e-mail.

Generally,they respond you as quickly as possible.

*Send message to amazon through their social handles like twitter or Facebook

Use this method for mentioning small issue to customer service team. These issue could be of trouble in shipment of items or problems in purchasing particular items.

Directly visit their official page on Facebook or twitter. Directly compose a message addressing the issue without over complexion it. Also you could leave a comment on their post to get noticed.

Generally, they respond once you mentioned your issue. They will appreciate if you will sound soft and polite in your words which is a good impressions for others who will read your comment.

Directly filling the amazon’s forum by visiting amazon’s “Contact Us” page , Click on the link

By clicking this link, it will open official amazon’s contact web page which will redirect you to the forum if you logged in already. Otherwise you have to enter the mail id and respective password to log in amazon customer account.

You can also message them directly mentioning the niche problem related to your product. Only you need address your issue in the text box and hit on the chat button. You will be serve by the amazon representative on chat shortly
Normally. It is used for the problems like web browser configuration settings areas, where you could not make a call directly.

What is the best Amazon Customer Service Number ?

What is the best Amazon Customer Service Number ?

Amazon Customer Service Number

Amazon customer service number +1-(877)-478-0777 is available 24 hours for amazon users. The best way to find Amazon Customer Service Number is to open search engine and type the keyword Amazon Customer Service Number on Google and Bing. Amazon Customer Service mission is to resolve all issues of prime membership customers. Amazon Inc is one of the most consumer-based company. The Amazon Prime Contact team is a key part of that mission. The Amazon Support team has a quite clear purpose –to solve problems and satisfy our consumer’s faith. Contact Amazon customer service by phone to get resolve any kind of problems related with your account and products.

Amazon supports consumers in more than 16 languages worldwide and centers are located 130 locations around the globe. Its providing self-service techniques, strengthening and managing Amazon products, to interact directly with consumers. The Amazon techniques and product teams strengthen globally CRM systems and innovative self-service solutions.

The support team is always focused on inventing to raise the percentage on consumer experience. Amazon Customer Support plays a demanding role while listening to consumer’s problem and solving their pain points to enable Amazon to deliver world-class solutionsto every consumer.

Amazon Prime Customer Service

The Amazon Prime Customer Service is handling more errors and problems of consumers and providing them instant solutions. The Customer Service of Amazon Prime playing a major role in the grocery retail sector moving toward satisfying consumer needs.

The Amazon prime customer service team always tries to help customers to solve their problem immediately, and also tries to make consumer feel comfortable. The Amazon Prime Membership team members handle all their complaints with velvety muff. Amazon prime membership contact team listen to the matter at hand they striving to understand the character of the problem.

Contact Amazon

There are several ways by which you can contact Amazon. If your problems are not solved with the buttons out there, you can also Contact Amazon by methods given below:

  • Email: You will get a written answer to the matter, with a chase range and also the ability to jot down back by Amazon.
  • Phone: Amazon prime customer service calls you, selecting the suitable department for your issue.
  • Chat: You will live chat online with a specialist, operating to resolve the difficulty by Amazon Customer Care Executives.

If you need to know the decision multiple times, get the name of the operator of Executives.

If you purchase any services or product from Amazon and you feel that product quality is not in good condition or not working as it should work as per your thinking or have some other issues in that concerned  product or service, your that product can be replaced or returned back to Amazon.

Amazon Help Centers

Amazon has separate customer service centers at United States, UK, France, Canada, Spain, Germany, Holland, Italy, Japan, Australia, Brazil, India, China, and Mexico.

You can also contact to Amazon by phone through toll free number of Amazon customer care. And tell your problem to theexecutive from which they are going through and will help you about the problem. Their no issue if you are requesting for replacement or refund for a satisfactory reason.

The Amazon Prime customer service always tries to provide desired information to consumer about their product related issues. Consumer can also review the Amazon customer service phone number site and share their experience to others by leaving comments.

Amazon customer service​

Amazon customer service​

Amazon customer service​

Amazon customer service is a way to contact the place of solutions for amazon account problems & issues. You can get instant help for any kind of error generated to the customer service amazon or you facing any kind of issues. Call directly to the Amazon customer service by phone and contact with amazon customer service department. You can call directly to the amazon prime team by dialing amazon prime phone number and get instant solutions. The amazon prime customer service help you by contacting telephone. You can easily find amazon customer service phone number by searching on Google, Bing and other search engines. Amazon Prime Customer Service Phone Number is available 24/7 for instant help.

The Amazon is an online selling website he sells his product online. Amazon has many categories, Amazon has a prime membership for their customers. The Amazon Prime provides any kind of facilities like discount on product, special offers for membership customers, and one or two days delivery. In Amazon, prime membership customers can watch online movies, Zakir Khan videos etc.

The United State is the head-quarter of Amazon Prime. According to the Consumer intelligence Research, Amazon Prime has more than 80 million paying users. Who are using the Amazon Prime’s Membership Service. It is said that half of the U.S households are members of Amazon Prime. Many countries like India, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany and United States also provides Amazon Video at no additional cost. It also started a trial Partnership with Audi and DHL.

Amazon Customer Service Number

As we learn from beginning of this directory amazons aim to be one of the customer centric companies. This means amazons always look forward to help its customer. In order to provide a assistance to its customer they have customer service. This Amazon customer service team is always there to help Amazon’s customer. In every different country Amazon has its dedicated customer service team. By contacting on Amazon Prime customer service phone number you can gather all kind of product related information.

This information could be about shipping, tracking order, cancelling order, return orders and cash back deals.

USA Amazon Prime Customer Service Phone Number

Address: 410 Terry Ave, North Seattle, WA 981095210


Toll Free Number: 1-866-216-1072

Amazon Prime Customer Service Phone number is 1-877-478-0777.

Normally, you have to wait around 180 seconds to talk one to one with Amazon representative. We provide you list of Amazon Customer Service Number of different countries:

§  United State: + 1-877-478-0777

§  United Kingdom: 0843 903 1831

§  Australia: 1902257899

§  China: 400-810-5666

§  Canada: 877-586-3230

§  Japan: 1+800+511+2201

§  Singapore: +65-6722-0300

§  Italy: 800 145 851

§  Spain: +1 (866) 749-7538

§  Mexico: 01800 874 8725

§  Netherlands: +31 70 205 7600

§  Germany: 1-800-201-7575

§  Brazil: (206) 823-6075

§  India: 022-30430101

Amazon Customer Service Phone Number UK

Helpline customer service number information for Amazon UK is provided by this directory including Amazon UK customer service phone number, Amazon UK website, office addresses-mail address.

Amazon Customer Service UK

Address:Patriot Court 1-9 The Grove,Slough

E-mail: orders-reply@amazon.co.uk

Toll Free Number: 0800-496-1081

Amazon Prime Customer Service Phone Number Canada

Here we got some contacting details for you using which you can directly can make a connect to amazon customer service in Canada. We providing toll free customer service number, address, and e-mail.

Amazon Prime Customer Service Phone Number Canada

Address: Vancouver, Canada

E-mail:  orders@amazon.com

Website: www.amazon.ca

Toll Free Number: 1-877-478-0777

Best Toll-Free/800 Amazon’s Customer Service Phone Number​

This is the best +1-(877) 478-0777 phone number of Amazon’s customer service. The phone lines are available on real-time for connecting with right Amazon agent. This telephone number is best phone number of Amazon’s customer service because 20 million customers used this contact number. The Common problems of customers addressed by the customer care team that answers on calls and solve the problems of Amazon’s users including technical and service support. The technical issues are identified by customer service unit and provide instant solutions to the customers remotely. The major problems of Amazon’s users are Cancel or Change Account, Billing Issue, Refunds Issue, Order Issue, Prime membership Issue, Password Reset Issue, Account Recovery Issue and more. The help center of Amazon’s located at United States, India and more places and is open 24 hours, 7 days to resolve the issues of users.

Amazon Customer Service Work-Flow

As you already know, an amazon is a big online shopping platform. Obviously, they deal with thousands of hardship everyday and they manage to deal with it by the help of dedicated customer service team. Do you ever wonder how actually Amazon customer service works? Its workflow begins from the customer and it aborts in the Amazon’s work system. Also there is a work team which deals with problems faced by the customer. They do not only listen to its customer but also understands them. They are always ready to address the issues faced by the customer in real-time.

The core objective of Amazon Prime customer Service is to delight its customer by helping 24×7 them directly. They always try to address its customer in a good way.